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Hair care is essential for healthy hair growth. A healthy scalp begins with our nourishing shampoo and conditioning treatments.

Each client is given an assessment before any service is started in order to determine the best treatment for your hair needs.

Basic at Home Hair Care Tips

Hair should be washed at least once a week to avoid dirt and product build-up which can clog the follicle and delay optimum hair growth.

A spray on dry shampoo can be used in between salon visits. Dry shampoo is easy to apply, no need to rinse out!

Dry Shampoo is especially beneficial for clients that frequent the gym. Spray on the scalp and around your hairline.

Use a headband or a scarf to cover your hair during workouts. The Dry Shampoo absorbs the sweat and will combat frizz and curl reversion.

Night Care

You should always sleep on a soft material such as a satin or silk pillowcase. An alternative would be to sleep with a satin or silk head covering.

Cotton and other fabrics are drying and may cause damage.


Sewn In Extensions should be worn no longer than 8 weeks to avoid matting of the natural hair. Bi-weekly shampoo and conditioning is highly recommended.

We offer a variety of at-home hair care products and consultations to better access and help get you on the path of healthy hair and great styling.